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Success Stories


What People Are Saying

I am writing to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the results of the Downsize Me program and the guidance and coaching from Pia Lehmann.  Throughout our work together I found Pia to be professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive.  Her warmth and insight made it a pleasure to meet for our check-ins, and I also appreciate her flexibility in dealing with the challenges of overseas travel and the holiday period, which with her help, I got through with flying colours.

I could not have achieved such great results without Pia’s knowledgeable, kind and consistent coaching. Thank you to Melanie and her team for making this program available.  Wishing you the best of success for 2018.

Sarah, Sydney, NSW

Downsize Me changed my life completely. I feel fantastic. For many years I lost myself and started unhealthy eating. It came to a point where I was unhappy, and constantly tired. Pia was exactly the person I needed. She helped me to believe in myself again and supported me with text messages, email and phone calls.

I was attracted to Downsize Me for the balancing of hormones, mindful eating and living, and taking control of my habits. The weekly program was easy to follow and the cook books are fantastic. Now, I get so many compliments from people that I don’t even know. My energy is back, I sleep better, my skin looks better and of course I’ve lost so much weight. I changed my way of looking at food.

I have no more sugar cravings, my stomach has shrunk, I’m not hungry all the time and for the first time in a LONG time I am able to look in the mirror and like what I see.

Belle, Sydney, NSW

When I started DM felt stuck and hopeless. The transformation in body and mind I achieved in just 8 weeks was astounding and motivating. Now it feels like anything is possible. I have experienced a total shift and have set my negative self-image free. What I liked most was the weekly coaching and support, and the knowledge and understanding I have gained about how my mind and body work…and the results I got were exactly as Irena described.

Miriam Feiler, Sydney;

The Downsize Me program has been insightful and life changing for me: I have learned how interconnected all aspects of one’s life are with health.  I have learned that wellbeing extends beyond a healthy diet and exercise plan.  I have learned new skills and permanent problem-solving strategies around food and lifestyle.  I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve with the right kind of help.  Thank you so much for your wonderful program.

Ashley, Perth, WA

The best thing about the downsize me program was the common sense approach. It wasn’t about denying yourself things you enjoyed but learning to moderate the intake and listen to your body. I felt supported by the Melanie and Sandra, and encouraged by the other participants. I never felt hungry and was surprised at how easy it was to modify my diet with little effort. I would definitely recommend the program to others. The fact that I have been able to maintain my weight after 2 years is testament to the effectiveness of the program. It’s not a diet….. it’s a change behaviour program.

Kerrie, Moruya, NSW

I find the program easy to follow and the best part is it works.  I have lost 11 cm off my waist!  I still want to lose another 6 kilos so I am really back on track now but this time I feel different. In the past I have had an all or nothing approach, really beating myself up when I had something I shouldn’t and then throwing in the towel and pigging out.  Now I am not so hard on myself and take a far more relaxed approach which is much easier to live with.  I am looking at this is a lifestyle change not a diet (I now that’s a cliché but it’s true in this case) I am not in a screaming hurry to achieve my goals now, I haven’t set an end date to be a certain weight, I am just letting it happen in its own time. Working with Kristine has been fabulous. She has helped me to set realistic goals and look at the bigger picture.

Janet, WA

This has been the best investment I have ever made. I am now in control of my body and mind, instead of my body controlling me. The coaching and accountability has made a huge difference and I couldn’t have done without it. If you are sick of dieting do yourself a favour and do the program – don’t wait, just do it!

Mairav, Sydney, NSW

I wanted to end my constant cravings for sugar and bread and get back in control. The difference was the weekly support and accountability with a “real person”, in fact a professional coach, in a space where I can fully let go and be transparent. This was very helpful in identifying where I needed to make changes. I now eat according to my body type and have lots of energy and my mood and zest for life are back! I have learned to give my self-permission to indulge occasionally and I plan when those days will be and eat without guilt- this has been a huge lesson for me! Stop yo yo dieting and looking for cheap solutions that don’t work! This is the best investment in yourself that you will ever make!

Olga, Sydney

 [It was] a challenge in the very beginning, I had tried so many different things in the past and was getting very unhappy and down on myself, I needed to make a positive change. The support of the program has been what’s really helped pull me through. The coaching is something that reminds you every week of the steps you’re going through whether you have a negative period or a positive period there’s always someone there to say ‘no keep going’ and help push you along.

Michelle, Sydney

Before Downsize Me, chronic health issues had overtaken my life and my lack of mobility and intensity of pain were overwhelming. Along with that came the thought of SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO LOOK AFTER ME. My own self-doubt had held me back in the past, believing the large task ahead of me was insurmountable, along with my ignorance of how the type of food I ate could change my life. The coaching part of the program really challenged me to take ownership and responsibility for myself. These sessions were invaluable and I believe the key and empowerment to my success. I am proud of what I have achieved.  I have more energy and confidence to do the things I want to do. Now, I am so happy I can do the simple things in life, able to walk, cook, dress etc. without the debilitating pain. The future holds so many more opportunities , continuing better health and mobilisation provides a freedom I never thought possible. Thank you Melanie and Sandra!

Janet, Moruya, NSW

Downsize Me was recommended to by a couple of friends who had completed this program and had terrific results and I really wanted to feel the same way. The changes I made to my eating didn’t feel that big for me because I think I already knew what I had to do but having Kristine to encourage me, make me look at things differently and actually remind me of what I needed to do was invaluable and made me realise that the tools she gave me would enable me to succeed this time. The three biggest benefits for me have been feeling better in my own skin, losing some weight and as a result of that having less pain in my joints. The biggest changes for me have been inside my head, giving me the ability to take control of cravings and looking at food in a different way.  The outside changes have been a bonus. This program has made an enormous difference to me by making me aware of what I eat, how I look at food and how I talk to  myself about food.  I try to stay mindful when eating, I set small achievable goals (sometimes daily) and I would say to anyone thinking about undertaking this program – just do it.  Give yourself permission to make YOU the centre of your universe for 8 weeks and make the change – you won’t regret it. P.S. the recipes that accompany this program are awesome!

Kaye, Vic

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2003 and gradually gained weight as a result of many things including ongoing chemotherapy. About 18 months ago I decided to stop taking one drug as the side effects were becoming more than I could bear. Then, with your help and the downsizeme program, I managed to lose 16 kgs in a short time and I have never felt better. BUT the BEST bit for me is that 18 months later and a complete change in my diet, which I now love, I have managed to put my cancer into Complete Remission. I am now taking control of my own health and have been to see an integrated Cancer specialist who is going to assist me in making sure the cancer does not return. And I know I can do this with her help. I have you to thank Melanie, for your wonderful program and the support, knowledge and power it has given me to move forward using exciting alternative Cancer therapies.

Robynne, Vic

“This was a fun program with a great outcome. I have never liked vegetables but I am now loving them & I look forward to preparing our meals. I used to be a lover of eating out but I am finding that I am only eating out once a week – what has this program done to me!!!! It is definitely not a diet but a re-ducation of healthy eating. The weekly meetings are a must which I have to admit I, at first, thought were a bit like going to AA. Not so, very positive and made you think. I am sure that I will continue as I am going because I love myself as I now am & I am so enjoying the food.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“Everyone just want to share I got weighed this morning and weighed 77.7 kgs and on the 8th of Oct last year I weighed in at 117.7 kgs ( and cried all the way home) I am so happy, Downsize Me truly changed my life I am certain this time I have got healthy, happy and can stay this way, thank you Mel, Sandy and all for the support that without I would have never have got this far.”

Maureen K, Moruya, NSW

“I started the Downsize Me program with the hope that I might drop 5 kgs, which is all I thought I needed to lose. 21 days in I had dropped 8 and could see I still had weight to lose. At 40 days I had dropped 14.5 kgs. The thing is, it was easy. The team at downsize me gave me plenty of recipes, so I never got bored with the diet. In fact, I felt amazing thanks to the fresh fruit and veggies. Halfway through the maintenance phase now, weight is staying off, plus I get to eat cheese, nuts and all the good stuff. Can’t recommend the diet and the downsize me team highly enough- has changed my life.”


“Thank you, thank you thank you Downsize Me. You set in motion thinking and eating patterns that I am now motivated to follow long term and see the benefit in mindful eating and decisions, in my nutrition and other areas of my life. I struggled with low self image and esteem for years and now I see how my mindset and approach is more important than anything else and affects every part of my life. Thanks!!”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“How informative it is and the proof is in the results. I feel amazing when I’m making healthy choices.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“I can certainly feel the changes, I’m even more comfortable in my ski pants and can now button them up!”


“My reason for doing this program is to restore my health and well-being so that I can remain active, independent and in control of my life, as my body ages.”


“The results are so positive, I look fresher, younger even! I’m so much happier and my body fat % is down and my muscle mass is up. I’m also starting to notice a vague degree of ‘abs’ – I’ve never seen my abs before, well… not since having children.”


“Downsize Me has changed my life. I have been given the gift of confidence through re-education of better eating habits and choices. I have not procrastinated once during the programme due to the incredible support from all involved. My energy levels and mental wellness are amazing. I wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep and look forward to the day and planning what good food to enjoy. I happily do my shopping eagerly looking for good quality fresh fruit and vegetables and I read all product labels to check protein, carb and sugar content. I walk with gusto and my general feeling of wellness is 10/10. All of this has helped me to make changes and decisions in my life/lifestyle and I am so thankful I took the leap and was brave enough to join the programme. Thank you to all of you – once again you have really changed my life for the better and I look forward to continuing my new healthy lifestyle and spreading the word (and joy) about Downsize Me.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“I would have to say that I found the program so much easier to follow than I first anticipated. I could not fault variety of meals in the weekly food plan.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“Downsize me taught me to enjoy cooking again. It made me appreciate the preparation required to stay on track with healthy eating and to consider food more closely. I learnt so much about my body. I love waking up not feeling tired and bloated. I feel great and would recommend the program to everyone……. Get off sugar and get your life back.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“This program and the coaching from Melanie has really changed me for the better. I no longer hate to look at myself in the mirror or try to cover up in front of my husband when getting dressed or in the shower. I feel good about how I look and I no longer compare myself with other women and envy them for being so attractive with nice bodies. I don’t look for excuses anymore as to why I can’t live a healthy lifestyle and look great because I am doing it now and living it. It is no longer a dream it is a reality and I am very proud of myself for achieving this.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“Sharlene Crage & Martina Sandles warmly provided personal support and guidance throughout the program. They took interest in specific health issues.”

Anonymous Client, NSW

“YES! YES! YES!, WHOOOHOO, thanks Melanie, I couldn’t have done this without you and your support, I thank you soooooooo much. I am going well on the phase 3, weight does seem to be stable and I am feeling great. I hope I will continue to lose, at least I am heading in the right direction and I have the right tools now thanks to you.”


“Making positive change takes commitment, time and effort…but Downsize Me offers just the right sort of support to help people get to those changes effectively. Thanks for your programme ladies ?”

Christine, NSW

“I first heard of the program from a friend who looked and felt great on the program. I asked about what she was doing and I must admit it sounded horrendous my friend continued to look and feel better long after she had completed the program. I was feeling like I was doomed to be big and in pain for the rest of my life as I was unable to shift my extra weight and joint pain was making me miserable, I eventually made the call to Downsize Me. It did take some time to get organised as I have done the program over the internet, but it has been the easiest thing I have ever done I have lost weight, the joint pain has gone I sleep all night and feel better than I have for ten or more years. I would say to anyone thinking about joining get into it you feel better within days and it is easy. Sleeping all night is a bonus I wasn’t expecting.”

Anonymous Client

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