Welcome to post-Christmas diet season. Before you jump on the bandwagon….do you REALLY need diet plans or detoxes? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s start by saying there are two main groups of people:

1. The Anti-Dieters

Do You Really Need Diet Plans and Detoxes | Downsize Me

You’re an anti-dieter if media conditioning has turned the word “diet” into negative lingo…..so the word diet immediately makes you think Diet is Die with a T” ….NO WAY! 

Even so, there are times that you feel lethargic, stressed, bloated and tired…so you find yourself feeling curious about the latest gut-fixer or detox. You are probably someone who wants to change the way you feel and operate in the world. 

You want to do SOMETHING to feel better – cleaner – and are wondering about the best way to go that’s safe, and right for you.

2. The Health Geek

Do You Really Need Diet Plans and Detoxes | Downsize Me

You’re more of a health geek if are really into health and wellbeing and are constantly looking for info on how to eat better, fix health problems and be more consistent with habits.

You are probably someone who wants to change the way you look and feel about yourself, and feel more organised and in control.

Right now you might be thinking “I need to be more disciplined. I need to get motivated to eat well and exercise more. How can I get back on the wagon and be more consistent?”

Regardless of which group you’re in, you’re thinking about cleaning up your act, detoxing, eating healthier foods, eating less, or maybe cutting back on a few things.

This is where detoxes and diet plans inevitably come up. 

The Problem with Diets and Detoxes

Do You Really Need Diet Plans and Detoxes | Downsize Me

In the short term, a diet or detox can make you feel good.

Unfortunately though, it means you’re relying on someone else to tell you what to do and how to act for a fixed period of time.

In reality, it’s easy to stick to something for a fixed period. But that’s precisely the reason you normally fall back into old ways after the diet plan or detox is over –

  1. Nobody is there perched on your shoulder, telling you what to do and what to eat next,
  2. The safety, structure and support you just had is gone,
  3. You go back to the familiar, automatic and easy old habits….those ones that probably made you feel yucky in the first place.

So….what should you do?

There are two things questions to ask: 


  1. Do you really need diet plans or detoxes in the first place….is this “on and off” approach actually working for you?
  2. If you DO choose to diet or detox, HOW can you be a more consistent healthy eater, afterwards?

Does this resonate?

Here’s where I’ll help you make a decision.

Do you REALLY need diet plans and detoxes? YES, if…..

……your eating and/or drinking habits have been all over the shop for some time AND you have one or more of these issues:

Do You Really Need Diet Plans and Detoxes | Downsize Me

Any of these symptoms indicates that you have hormone imbalances, your liver isn’t detoxifying effectively. 

Until that’s sorted out, you’ll probably see limited changes regardless of any eating or exercise plan you try.

If you want to find out more and get some clarity around this, click this link here to book a 15 minute appointment with me (it’s free).

Assuming you don’t need a diet or detox plan, then….what DO you need?

Do you REALLY need diet plans and detoxes? No, if…..

If you didn’t tick any of the above points, then you probably don’t really need diet plans or detoxes. You probably don’t need a diet plan or detox if you:

  • know which foods make you feel good
  • eat well at least 80% of the time
  • occasionally go off track with your eating e.g. over Christmas or Easter, but quickly get back into routine
  • are good at planning and organising healthy meals
  • like cooking, or have convenient access to healthy foods
  • can maintain a healthy weight, skin and mood
  • have consistent energy levels, sleep patterns and little or no stress.

If this is you, and you’re feeling off track right now, here’s a really simple 5-step formula to get you back on track – because you don’t really need a diet plan or detox. Do this instead:

  • Visualise your success (in detail) so it becomes a destination into your mental GPS.
  • Choose a start date to get commitment.
  • Set a regular shopping and bulk cooking date to guarantee your food prep happens.
  • Affirm your positive rituals each day before going to bed – reflect on success, tweak to improve.
  • Monitor your success with a chart or tick box system for the first two weeks. 

These fives steps should give you enough structure to get back on track all by yourself.

NB: If you’re a global entrepreneur and living overseas, you might rather choose 90% of your meals from healthy food outlets instead of shopping and bulk cooking.

For some of you, getting back on track might be this easy.

For most of you, if it were that easy, you’d all be doing it. 

Working on your mindset will be a key, to get rid of the labels and beliefs that are standing in the way of consistently good habits most of the time (e.g. I’m a chocoholic, I need coffee first thing, I need wine, I’m too busy/stressed to eat).

If you need help to build resilience, bust limiting beliefs, rewire your responses to stress and master your mindset, click this link here to book a 15 minute appointment with me (it’s free). I’ll help you work out your best approach to get exactly what you want.

Right now, I’d love to know – are you an anti-dieter or health geek – and why? Let me know in the comments below.  

Melanie White

Melanie White

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