PUR Gum Product Review (yes, it’s aspartame-free)

Sometimes you feel like a bit of chewing gum. Maybe you want to get rid of coffee breath, or you want to make more saliva for healthier teeth (yes, really). In any case, when I saw this product at my local fruit and veg shop (Southlands in Moruya), I figured I had better try it and then, write you a PUR gum product review.

Yes, I really am your canary in the mine shaft.

Gum is a challenge for me. After a coffee, a late night out with too many beers or a day without much water to drink, your breath needs a remedy. FAST.

Gum fits the bill. Plus, it can be really tasty.

And I know it can improve the health of your teeth. But until now, it’s either been

“oh yuk, all that sugar,” or


“oh yuk, all that artificial sweetener”


Both of those are a dilemma for me and so mostly, I avoid gums and mints.

So I was delighted to find an aspartame-free option, in Cinnamon flavour. YUM! I have a thing about cinnamon, you see (you’ll know that if you read my Bengal Spice Tea review).

About the Flavour

Of course this is the important bit. This gum gives you a cinnamony burst, a bit like the old Red Bull gum of the 80’s.

While the flavour is good, it doesn’t last very long before becoming a bit ‘dull’.

Does your chewing gum lose it’s flavour on the bedpost overnight? Some of you might remember that song. Well, PUR cinnamon flavoured gum loses it’s flavour within 10 minutes.

BUT I’m not really a judgmental person so I will definitely try a couple of other flavours before making my final decision on longevity. In any case, the gum serves it’s purpose for me – a mouth freshener – so I’ll continue using it for that.

Vital Statistics

Brand? PUR (check their website, here)

Where? Select stockists such as Southlands Moruya, or online.

Why? Because you want fresher breath without the nasties.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (flavour longevity – more testing required!) 

Have you tried it? Comment below and let me what you think of this gum!

Melanie White

Melanie White

Chief Inspiration Coach

I'm a quirky scientist and a Health and Wellness Coach who helps 35+ women to understand and eat right for their body type.