Pia Lehmann, Homeopath and Nutritionist

Pia’s expertise is helping women to balance their bodies in the related areas of hormone balance, immunity, anxiety and weight loss. She knows that with complicated health situations, it’s all too easy to give up and feel stuckPia’s experience, persistence with and belief in her clients are part of her secret recipe for helping them feel stronger, healthier and happier.
Pia’s years of experience as an astrologer help her connect with her clients on a deep level, and on many levels, with compassion and integrity.  She views each person as a unique individual, a whole being. Pia’s total dedication to her clients provides the  perfect foundation for them to find their confidence and courage to overcome health issues and feel strong, powerful and successful in health and life.
Born in Switzerland, Pia completed a degree in Commerce before emigrating to South Africa to run her own export business for 12 years, and to win Businesswoman of the Year.  After living and working in many countries, Pia followed her husband to Germmany in 1996, where her life shifted 180 degrees. She fulfilled an inner calling and childhood interests by studying Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Astrology. In 1999, the Lehmanns emigrated to Australia and Pia went on to study an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy and a Diploma in Nutrition, Remedial Massage and Counselling, plus further study in Astrology. For Pia, the combination of body work and soul work are the perfect complement for total healing.  Today, she lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney with her husband Peter. She squeezes in as much travel and theatre as she can between study and seeing her clients.


What are your 3 most important daily wellness habits?

I am an optimistic person so #1 would have to be my willingness to keep myself in check, reign myself in and start again. My other two are doing fitness activities within my scope, and eating healthy at least 85% of the time.

What do you love most about working as a Homeopath and Nutritionist?

To see the incredible results. After years of struggling with all sorts of doctors, practitioners and psychologists, my clients feel different and see tangible results, and they tell me so. That is enough satisfaction for me. I love my work.

My clients enjoy the personal empowerment they get from finally getting a solution to their health or weight issues. They have clarity of thinking, feel calmer and better in themselves – happy, successful and powerful with a lot more energy and a lot less weight! 

What are 4 fun facts about you?

  1. I’m not fun really, I’m pretty boring!
  2. I like getting to the bottom of things. I hang in there like a bull terrier until it is finished.
  3. I love music, dance, film, art and research. All the creative stuff.
  4. My favourite foods are french raw milk, cheese, red wine and a good sourdough rye bread with a hard crust.

What’s your most effective way to manage your own anxiety or lack of confidence, when either rears its ugly head?

The best thing for me to do is have a hot bath, read, and go to bed early. It seems to reset me, and I have a clear head the next morning. Otherwise, tidying up my desk is great because it helps me to work more effectively.


  • Expertise & experience with homeopathy 100% 100%
  • Top personal strengths – persistence & love of learning 91% 91%
  • Love of travel 76% 76%
  • Personal desk organisation 50% 50%


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