What is a mesomorph body type?

This post describes the mesomorph body type, and which eating and exercise habits best suit this type.

You can read our other pages about the ectomorph body type and endomorph body type. And, here’s the history of body type classification system.

How to spot a Mesomorph body type

Mesomorph Body Type | Downsize Me

The mesomorph is probably the easiest body type to recognise – they’re lean and shapely (athletic-looking).

When you look at a mesomorph, the first thing you think is: “That person’s gifted with great genes!”

The mesomorph’s shape is governed by:

  1. A medium-sized skeleton (frame)
  2. A balanced-looking physique – with a mix of both endurance and strength muscle types, (Type I and Type II fibres)
  3. Typically low to average body fat and being lean around the middle.

Mesomorph women have shapely hourglass women with small waists.

And mesomorph men have that classic triangle shape, with a muscular upper body, a narrow waist, and shapely legs.

The Greek Gods are mostly classic examples of the mesomorph body type.

You can easily recognise mesomorph guys and girls at the gym because they seem to develop perfect athletic curves, incredible fitness and look amazing….with barely any effort.

They just give the weights a cursory glance and suddenly they’re transformed. Sigh.

Mesomorph Body Type | Downsize Me

Mesomorph body type personality traits

William Sheldon’s body typing system describes mesomorphs as:

  • adventurous
  • strong
  • assertive
  • courageous
  • self-confident
  • full of zest
  • having a love of being physically active
  • being competitive, and
  • like risk, chance and adrenaline.

If you have a mesomorph body type, you tend to have a strong digestion (like the Pitta type in Ayurveda) and are the most balanced of the body types.

Hormonal influences may have an effect on your body type and personality, but in a different way to ectomorphs and endomorphs.

More on that below.

Common Mesomorph body type health issues

Mesomorphs are generally very resilient.

However, you may be prone to health issues if you push too hard, physically or mentally.

Mesomorph body types tend to struggle with:

  • working too hard/being too busy
  • elevated stress hormones
  • high blood pressure
  • injuries (from over-training)
  • partying too hard (overindulgence)
  • liver challenges
  • excess weight gain (apple shape – in the middle) with either too much work or too much partying.

If you’re a mesomorph who works or parties too hard, you’re setting yourself up for a pot belly.

But annoyingly for the other body types, you seem to find it easiest to lose that belly (weight) and improve your energy and health.

Your biggest challenge is regulating work and play, so you can reduce stress (internal and external) and keep your body in an injury-free state.

Best eating plan for Mesomorph body types

As a mesomorph body type, you typically do best on an eating plan that contains:

  • moderate levels of carbohydrate
  • moderate amounts of protein
  • moderate amounts of fat.

Check out this sample Mesomorph dinner plate, which contains:

  • broccoli, zucchini and sweet potato (carbs/starch)
  • 2 x pure beef chevups i.e. 100 g beef (protein and fat)
  • 1/4 avocado, shaved (fat)


mesomorph body type plate

A Paleo-style eating approach is generally best suited to this body type.


Challenges of the Mesomorph body type

The most important principle for you is getting balance in protein, carbs and fat – and life balance!

If you’re a mesomorph body type, you WILL become sluggish, overweight and unhealthy if your plate is imbalanced.

That’s because dietary imbalances can heighten your stress hormones, blood sugar problems and weight gain around the middle.

When those kinds of issues occur, the Downsize Me program can quickly assist to bring your body back into hormonal balance, and transition you into a longer term plan to suit your specific needs (customised nutrition).

Best exercise for Mesomorphs


Mesomorph Body Types | Downsize Me

Mesomorphs are built for agility.

That means you tend to naturally gravitate toward team sports, weight training, gym classes and mid-distance events.

These kinds of activities give you the right mix of cardio, agility, speed and strength.

Crossfit is a good training approach for you if you have a mesomorph body type.

And if you are an mesomorph who wants to gain muscle, your best approach is to incorporate a mix of high intensity, plyometrics and interval training into your workout… AND to mix things up regularly, and cross-train so you get enough recovery and muscle growth.

Muscle is your asset, so fuel it properly, use it wisely and give it adequate rest.

Highly stressed mesomorphs might need to take it easy with exercise intensity, at least initially, as this can worsen your stress hormones levels.


Mesomorphs in peak state

In your peak state, you are energetic, outgoing and very active.

Since your type is prone to stress, high blood pressure and weight gain around the middle, your priorities to achieve peak state are:

  • minimising stress and having a resilience plan (walking, jogging, sport outdoors)
  • getting a balance of low-GI carbs, protein and fat including lots of green vegetables
  • strength and/or agility workouts including interval training.

With this combination, you can be fit, healthy and powerful.

All that said and done, where are you at right now?

Do you need help to lose weight, feel better in yourself and become fitter, more energized and healthier?

If you want to get into the best shape of your life, get in touch to book a free 15-minute session and we’ll help you make a plan.

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