Melanie White, Biologist, Health & Wellness Coach

Melanie knows we are designed to live in tune with the cycles of nature.
She prefers to work with no-nonsense, practical, achievement-focused women who want to understand themselves and write their own food rules. When you take control of your health, you can adapt, survive and thrive anything that life throws at you. You can be your most powerful, energized and productive self
Melanie has been on her own adventure with food, anxiety and leaky gut and a high-stress career. She brings her complementary training in Biology, Metabolic Typing, Personal Training and Health & Wellness Coaching to every coaching session.
Born in Perth, Western Australia, Melanie co-founded a successful environmental consulting business in Perth before burning out and semi-retiring to the south coast of New South Wales. But as someone with a pioneering spirit and Rebel tendencies, Melanie couldn’t bloody sit still! 
In 2007, she retrained, reinvented herself and built a new business so she could be her own boss, create a massive vegetable garden, surf, and write her own rules. She lives in Mossy Point with her husband JJ, chickens, ducks and crazy rainbow lorikeet.


What are your 3 most important daily wellness habits?

In keeping with my natural curiosity and rebellious spirit, I like to mix things up! Variety and creativity are essential for me to stay on track with healthy habits.

My top 3 cornerstone habits are reading (to relieve anxiety), exercise (for the fun, achievement and endorphins) and eating right for my body type (for gut health, and to avoid getting hangry, bloated  or anxious).

What do you love most about working as a Health and Wellness coach?

Honestly, I just LOVE it when a powerful woman realises her potential and takes the opportunities that come with good health.  I meet so many women around who have incredible strength and the ability to make a real, tangible difference in the world. With an understanding of how to get the best out of themselves – with the right mindset and food – they can step up and transform the world around them more effectively. 

How do you know when your client isn’t eating right for her body type?

Most of my clients tick at least three of these boxes:

  1. They struggle with anxiety
  2. They feel scattered, frustrated and unable to focus at work
  3. They crave crunchy, salty or chocolatey snacks, mid-afternoon
  4. They can’t let themselves have fun, because they’re not getting enough things done!
  5. Their monkey-mind is churning all night long.

What are your priorities when working with achievement-focused women?

Two big parts of being a “successful achiever” are letting go of perfection, and having realistic expectations of yourself. In my coaching sessions, clients usually need to work 

  1. Having a plan and feeling prepared
  2. Recognising and feeling good about what they achieve each day
  3. Creating a more realistic approach to “being productive”
  4. Taming their monkey mind
  5. Feeling good (instead of fixated) about food


  • Belief that it CAN be done 100% 100%
  • Top personal strengths – tenacious. non-judgemental 83% 83%
  • Need to do her own thing 72% 72%
  • % of time that she keeps her phone with her 11% 11%


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