Leptin for Weight Loss

Are hidden hormonal imbalances stalling your weight loss? Mastering leptin for weight loss could be your solution!

By balancing this hormone, you’ll:

  • Have sparkling eyes, glowing skin and healthy hair and nails
  • Be more mindful, less stressed and calmer
  • Have no cravings
  • Sleep soundly and deeply

So, What Is Leptin?

It is a hormone secreted mainly by fat cells. Leptin levels are directly proportional to the amount of body fat a person has.

More body fat = more leptin.

Just as insulin regulates blood sugar, the hormone leptin regulates hunger and food intake byacting on leptin receptors in your brain (1).

That is, leptin turns off your appetite and turns on your ability to burn intra-cellular fat (2).

If your body makes too much leptin, you can develop leptin resistance.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance is typical in obese people (2). It switches off your ability to feel satisfied after a meal. You never know when to stop eating!

Leptin and insulin resistance are interlinked; that is, insulin resistance (and high triglyceride levels) contribute to leptin resistance (3).

It seems logical that key to maintaining a healthy weight is by balancing insulin, triglycerides and leptin. Leptin also has a role in immune health and bone health.

Top Four Signs of Leptin Resistance

  1. You’re overweight

  2. You’re often hungry

  3. You crave carbs, especially at night

  4. In a fit, healthy weight person, leptin resistance shows up as elevated Reverse T3 and elevated salivary cortisol at the end of the day (4). 

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Leptin resistant people are great at burning carbs, but terrible at burning fats.

The secret to mastering your weight is to balance your fat-storage and hunger hormones, by eating and exercising in a way that improves fat metabolism (4).

Mastering Leptin – A Simple Approach

According to one leptin study, the greatest reduction in weight was achieved with both diet and exercise (5). 

 But which diet, and which exercise?

  • Diet: A low carbohydrate diet can work well for overweight and obese people. 
  • Exercise: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works best.  Weight lifting is an incredible way to build muscle, generate growth hormone and stay young.

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Aerobic exercise is not suitable for people who are leptin resistant; they are unable to effectively use the glucose or fat in their cells (4).

By sticking to a clear plan, most people can start mastering leptin within 6 – 8 weeks (4).

Supported programs are available to help people with food education, meal planning, accountability,improving eating habits and self-confidence.


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