Maha Rafidi, Food and Wellness Coach.

Having overcome her own health challenges and frustrations, Maha no longer suffers the daily aches and pains that previously sapped her energy and willpower. She is now able to be more active and focused on her business and family connections. Maha realised how critical food was in the whole puzzle. Now, having worked with her own clients for over 25 years, Maha knows that previously ‘age-specific’ health issues (like acne, hormonal issues) are now prevalent across all age groups. She embodies a holistic approach to creating wellbeing based on her belief that we can easily learn to tap into the inner wisdom of our own bodies


Maha’s clients typically suffer with hormonal issues, pain and fatigue/low energy and have a common goal –  to feel well, feel better about themselves, to be more active and to be more present and connected with their families. Maha is inspired by the transformation her clients see and feel in their bodies, and their new sense of belief and confidence.

Maha was born in Jerusalem, and moved to Sydney with her family at the age of 8. After dabbling in various areas, Maha realised that the beauty industry was where she wanted to work and she started learning and working at the forefront of many beauty modalities. She was married with one child by then, and became ill and was confined to a wheelchair. She started working with an Asian doctor on her own issues while still manage to study, work and raise a family. Maha was inspired by many people during those years – including her doctor and his groundbreaking research into food, gut health and detoxification, and a business colleague (chemist) bringing groundbreaking skin technology to Australia.


Her clients know Maha to be an empathetic, supportive and understanding role model. She can help you move past your limiting beliefs and create healthier habits, by keeping you connected to your exciting, attractive vision and motivators.


What are your 3 most important cornerstone wellness habits?

For me, preparation is essential. This means shopping for the right food so that everything is there and ready for my week ahead. My second habit is good quality food, which is so important for maintaining my delicately-balanced health. Thirdly, I must get 8 hours sleep, otherwise I can’t function. That means I prepare for bed with a hot shower, a cup of tea and a cut up orange (sometimes with a few nuts), then turn in by 10pm.

What do you love most about working as a Food and Wellness Coach?

The most inspiring thing with my work is the way that my clients feel when they reach their goal. I love it when my clients say they are sleeping better, not bloated anymore, and are satisfied with a healthier way of living that feels sustainable. In fact, most of my clients say that what they’re doing is sustainable, and they’re confident they can stay on track because they know the steps to take. That’s gold.

What are 5 telling signs that your clients are out of balance with their eating?

When I see a new client, there are a few things that indicate where their health is at and what my first steps are with them. Most clients have telling signs of hormonal imbalances:

  1. Skin breakouts – especially women in their 40’s with breakouts in certain areas
  2. Hair growing in the wrong places (for women)
  3. Struggles with weight – either unable to lose weight or yo-yo-ing
  4. They are agitated, tired and anxious
  5. They have late afternoon cravings, especially for chocolate and sweets.

What are your priorities when working with these women?

My work starts education. When people have unusual symptoms (e.g. 20 year old’s skin issues at the age of 40), they want to understand what’s happening to them. Then I bring in coaching to help them work out HOW they want to change their habits, so they can:

  1. Recognise their own strengths and apply them to themselves
  2. Establish new healthy habits while still looking after the other people in their lives
  3. Look and feel better – more energized, slimmer and more confident
  4. Get through the day without being tired
  5. Say no and set boundaries, so they can drink less, eat better and stay on track.


  • Expertise with eduation and empowerment 97% 97%
  • Top personal strengths – love of learning and faith 84% 84%
  • Can’t live without chocolate and music 74% 74%
  • Ideal free time spent with family 50% 50%


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