Kristine Gardener, Naturopath; Health & Wellness Coach

As a naturopath, Kristine has a special interest in gut health and nutrition. She knows how important it is for you to work out whether your eating habits and food choices are suited to your body type, or not.

And as a mother and professional who is well-versed in the pressures of business and life, Kristine knows that managing stress and lifestyle balance (juggling work, parenting, home responsibilities and time for yourself) can have a massive impact on your physical and mental health. She works alongside you to help you find a way of eating and living that is effortless and enjoyable to maintain, and suited to your unique and individual body type.

Kristine was born and raised in Melbourne, where she studied first as a teacher and later as a naturopath, whilst also workign full time in the corporate world in project management and HR. Life took on a new twist when she decided to move to South East Asia for a year. That year turned into fifteen, during which she ran an eco-resort and managed her own successful eco-tour business in Thailand. Before returning to Melbourne in 2013, Kristine studied Health and Wellness Coaching to complement her naturopathic training and allow her the best opportunity to successfully assist others to achieve their health and wellbeing dreams. She lives with her family and wonderful dog in Melbourne. 


What are your 3 most important daily habits?

Definitely my morning routine, which includes a fast-paced 45 minute walk in nature with my dog. Getting at least 8 hours’ sleep each night is essential for focus at work.

The third is definitely eating well, with lots of vegetables, and adequate protein and fat. My favourite recipe at the moment is crispy coconut squares (AIP, paleo, GF, DF and vegan-friendly)!

What do you love most about working as a Naturopath and Health and Wellness Coach?

The joy and reward I get when a client makes the shift from unhealthy and confidence-sapping behaviours to simple yet powerful habits, that allow them to achieve outcomes they had previously believed were personally unattainable. That’s the gold and it’s what I strive to help each and every one of my clients achieve.  

What are the positive outcomes you help your clients achieve?

Knowing that my typical client is someone who wants to feel comfortable in her own skin, confident and attractive, the outcomes I help her achieve are:

  1. Weight loss that is sustainable, and bursting with energy
  2. Looking and feeling gorgeous
  3. Being free of cravings and stress eating 
  4. Balancing everything else while still finding time for yourself
  5. That feeling of being invincible and unstoppable due to the right amount of organisation and planning

How do you manage stress and anxiety when they rear their ugly heads?

Stress and anxiety manifest in me in a physical way. I usually become immobilised or feel tension or nausea in my stomach. I find the best ways for me to combat these physical symptoms are to go for a walk, do some yoga or just take a mini-break so I can re-focus and get some clarity. Eating well and getting enough sleep are hugely important for me, enabling me to manage stress much more effectively.


  • Expertise & experience with gut health, stress & lifestyle balance 99% 99%
  • Live for summer 90% 90%
  • Love of raw cabbage 73% 73%
  • Ability to ride my son’s skateboard 37% 37%


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