Irena Geller-Saltamaras, Emotional Eating Coach.

Irena believes that self-empowerment and mastering your own mind are the keys to being free of emotional eating.  Her expertise is helping women to find ways of coping with their emotions, without resorting to food. It’s a very personal journey to build self-esteem and self-confidence . Irena’s own journey with food and eating, cultural expectations around food and juggling the demands of a professional woman have shaped her expertise. She understands how to navigate the journey to self-acceptance, strength in body and mind, regaining control of yourself and your life, and being at peace with food in all situations and circumstances.
Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Irena moved to Sydney with her family when she was 11. She studied Biomedical Science at UTS, and her dream was to be a doctor. However, her creative side was too strong and Irena indulged it by building an internationally successful women’s brand called Lucky 13, where she spent the next 18 years. After too many struggles with emotional eating and overwork, Irena went through a massive mind and body transformation, giving her the courage to pursue her true passion – working in the health and wellness industry. Today, she lives in Rose Bay with her Greek husband George, son Peter, dog Sandi and actively cultivates her love of all things Mexican.


What are your 3 most important cornerstone wellness habits?

For me, getting up early and exercising every day are really important for me to start the day out right. If I do that, then everything else seems to flow. Right after my workout, I need to have a healthy breakfast. It’s the things I do at the start of the day which set me up for a healthy rest of the day.  I still need to do this on days when I’m tired or have had a bad sleep – especially on those days.

What do you love most about working as an Emotional Eating coach?

What I love most is seeing my clients’ faces as they start taking control of their own life. The realisations along the way are so powerful. Part of that is recognising that emotional eating is not about the weight but about the way you take care of yourself. When you get your focus right, you can rekindle your connection with yourself, create a healthy relationship with food, and simply be free to enjoy the experience of eating, every day.  

What are 5 telling signs that your clients are emotional eaters?

Everyone is different, but my clients have at least 4 of these traits:

  1. They’re successful in life, and feel embarrassed and ashamed that their eating is out of control
  2. They feel overwhelmed most of the time and lack confidence
  3. They are disappointed and frustrated with themselves 
  4. They are fearful for the future – what’s in store for their health?
  5. They’ve lost touch with their bodies, needs and dreams.

What are your priorities when working with emotional eaters?

Before you can change, you need to understand yourself better. Then, you can build a new way of eating that’s healthy and brings a sense of freedom and control, by:

  1. Reducing overwhelm and feeling prepared, even on your busiest days
  2. Making enough time to do it all – work, family, AND yourself 
  3. Dealing with perfectionism and your expectations of yourself
  4. Loving and accepting yourself where you’re at on your journey
  5. Eating to feel strong in body and mind – even on stressful days.


  • Expertise & experience with emotional eating 98% 98%
  • Top personal strengths – curiosty & love of learning 83% 83%
  • Level of Zest 79% 79%
  • Perfect balance of sunshine and rain 50% 50%


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