Food Is No Longer The Main Event For Me!

Early March this year, I decided that I had enough of feeling frumpy, tired and carrying my big belly around.

I really wanted to put my words into action-walk my walk and talk my talk- with confidence and feel authentic.

I wasn’t feeling at home in my skin and in my body AND I was determined to get my” true self” back!

I wanted to get in control of my eating, my weight and my LIFE!

And I wanted to be an INSPIRATION to myself and others!

Being in isolation was an opportunity for me to get myself organised and focus on weight loss by honouring my commitment to myself (meeting my inner expectations first before meeting outer expectations.)

So, I made a personal, and a professional decision…

Rather than being a victim of my circumstances I decided to take charge and get in the driver’s seat OF MY life!

In other words, I took control of what I put in my mouth and what I put in my mind.

The Journey

Climbing Back Up

I knew that the best way to achieve my vision was to prioritise myself and I committed to doing that on a daily basis.

These habits became my priority:

  • Preparing healthy food
  • Managing my thinking
  • Healthy Nutrition and Mindful Eating
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Work -Life Balance – finishing work at 5pm was essential to my success.

This became my mantra:

“Less Is Always More! Lighten the Load, Focus Better, Achieve More!”

You see I tend to work long days. I love what I do and I get excited with new ways I can help others live a healthy and happy life- the life I wasn’t living!

That meant creating healthy boundaries and foolproof habits that were enjoyable, do-able and realistic….

…and let me tell you it didn’t come easy, I had to work at it daily.

When you learn to catch your thoughts, question them, and manage them you can rewire your thinking habits.

My Backstory

Having successfully lost 50 kilograms 10 years ago, I faced menopause three years ago and my weight slowly crept up. To make matters worse my sleeping patterns changed. I was waking up through the night and finding it difficult to get back to sleep.

As a result, I was struggling with lack of energy, unstable moods causing sugar cravings returned with a vengeance. My energy levels were different and to my surprise my motivation dwindled.

To the point where I was craving chocolate nearly every night.

I let things slip and it all went It all went downhill from there.

  • I wasn’t adhering to my usual clean-eating regime and because I gained 30 kg I was feeling too tired to exercise.
  • My weekend eating was too relaxed, I would say to myself that I deserved it after a week’s hard work.
  • I was allowing myself to drink more coffee than normal (usually, I only drink one-two a day), I was having up to 4 -5 day.

The things that excited me previously were not as important or significant as they used to be, I needed a new way forward – yet for some reason I couldn’t seem to get back there on my own…

My mistake was assuming that maintaining my weight would be a no brainer. I was wrong.

How I Felt

I found it very difficult to face the person was seeing in the mirror. That person looking back at me just didn’t feel like me.

Social gatherings and seeing people suddenly became drag, something that I dreaded.

“What do I wear that fits me, what will look good?”

It was time to understand myself and my needs better, I was ready for a total mind and body cleanse!

 I wanted to clear out the cobwebs that gathered in my mind and address my stress habits, so that I could free my mind from the anguish I felt and take back control of your life!

Here’s What I Discovered

I needed more time for “ME” and I had some  lessons to learn and the most important lesson was self-compassion.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

The solution – Getting Your Mind in Shape

Healthy Habits & Weight Loss Program.

I decided to do the DownsizeMe Program a habit-based intervention program for weight loss, that I run and that has helped so many busy women achieve.

I knew that this program really works as I did it 3 years ago just before I hit menopause and of course, I see the amazing results my clients achieve daily.

The weekly coaching sessions with Melanie White, the founder of this program provided the accountability and support I needed to make the changes.

  • I started to practise and have continued Mindful (Intuitive) Eating and food is so much more enjoyable eating this way.
  • By examining and reframing my limiting beliefs and stuck mindset patterns, I was able to rewire my automatic reactions to life’s curveballs.

The Secret to Success is in the Preparation


Establishing, regular shopping, food prep and bulk cooking habits (on set days each week) set me up for consistent healthy eating, feeling organised and ultimately, weight loss.

BUT I had to improve my weekend habits. I had to sharpen and improve my eating on the weekends.

I realised that weekends were a challenge for me as my routine was different. This meant identifying what was getting in my way, and how I could foolproof my new habits.

Experts estimate that 80% of overeating is triggered by our emotions, not physical hunger.

Weekend Routine


I took control of my weekend eating by following the steps below:

  • Keeping the same routine on the weekends as I did during the week.
  • I made sure that I was prepared and organised on the weekends with healthy food
  • And I ate three meals per day as I did during the week
  • I kept up my exercise routine on the weekends

The Result


After 8 weeks l felt confident, super motivated and committed and I lost 12 kg and my weight loss journey has continued.

I was able to say goodbye to cravings, hunger and food fixation and take charge of what ate, rather than the other way around.

I’ve have now lost over 20kg and kept it off and I feel so much lighter and brighter! 

And best of all, I have achieved permanent weight loss while prioritizing my own needs – even when it sometimes felt like I was too busy.

How do I know it’s permanent? Because my new habits are effortless and automatic.

This process has been so liberating and exhilarating!

I feel like I am living my life in congruence with my heart and my profession.

I feel strong, confident and the sky’s the limit!

Here are the changes I’ve experienced inside and out:

  • I am consistent with exercise and healthy eating. I see it as an investment in my future health.
  • I am confident and it feels amazing! My outer shell matches the person inside.
  • I look good in clothes. I am wearing what I like NOT what just fits me.
  • Everything is so much easier walking, all physical activities and I am lifting heavy weights again, which I love!
  • I feel confident speaking in front of an audience.
  • I am healthy and can run up the stairs and breathe with ease.
  • I am a good role model to my kids, showing determination and persistence.

Now when I look in the mirror, I love my reflection & I celebrate who I have become.

I love putting on something new & admiring how good I look in it.

I am feeling really good about myself and my achievements I am proud of the person I am now!

My son said to me recently; “Your motivation and dedication are an inspiration to me. The way you are able to continue pushing forward and overcoming every obstacle in your path- makes me proud that you are my mother.” 

And my daughters’ recent comment was absolute music to my ears: “You have grown so much and it’s so amazing to see how your approach and nature has changed. I can only aspire to be like you.”

Consistency is KING!

 Our brains require a period of intense focus and repetition to build the skill and knowledge of each habit. After a certain period – on average 86 days (but up to 350 days) – we have enough repetition for habits to become automatic.


 The secret to consistency is finding a way to persist for long enough with a habit, so that it can become automatic.


Journaling is NOW my POWER TOOL!


 Along with my health and exercise regime, I incorporated journaling as a part my morning routine to manage my emotional health.


 I also wrote a Letter to My Future Self, 2 years from now as part of the work I did with my coach.


 While doing that work, I discovered this great website called FutureMe.


 And I wanted to share a small snippet with you…



 Thank you for creating a calmer and brighter future for us.


 The best day of your life was the one on which you decided your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to blame. This is the day your life really began! Your AHA moment was realizing that lightening your load and putting yourself first was much better and in line with you achieving your Vision then taking on too much, feeling anxious and going nowhere fast. Learning to be compassionate with yourself was a great lesson and served you well in going forward in not beating yourself up every time you tripped. 



 What I learned from self-compassion

 When you’re making change, it’s impossible to be perfect all the time.


 When we do slip up, our natural response tends to be to punish ourselves, criticise ourselves or guilt-trip ourselves – this can overshadow the progress we are making.


 This is a thinking habit and can be overcome with self-compassion and something that I learned in the DM program.


 Practising Compassionate Self-Care has allowed me to take the pressure off and to let go of the expectation that I am are super-human and the lightness and clarity I feel now has truly come from getting my mental house in order.


 Let me say that DownsizeMe is the best program out there because unlike other programs it addresses nutrition, mindset, thinking patterns and organization while balancing your hormones.


 The success of the DownsizeMe program goes beyond the diet– you will develop mentally and emotionally, making major behavioural changes.


 And you will come out the other side feeling self-confident, energized and happy.


 This is seriously be the greatest gift you can give yourself!


 If your weight has crept up through winter from all the comfort eating AND you want to put an end to it before it’s too late, I would love to help you. 


 I would love to help you achieve permanent weight loss so you can feel proud and confident, while breaking the comfort eating cycle without guilt or deprivation.


 And to be honest with you, I am sick of seeing so many women floundering and feeling hopeless as they repeatedly try and fail to lose weight.


 I want to show you what DOES work.


 In fact, my mission for 2020 is to help 10000 women to finally feel good about themselves and what they eat, make healthy eating their default habit, feel more self-confident and get the best out of their bodies as they age.


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