Is your life so busy that you are struggling to practice self-care?

You might have the best intentions to prepare healthy meals, exercise on a regular basis or come home earlier from work so that you can make all this happen.

But your busy life keeps getting in the way, there is always another task on your to-do list and your daily lifestyle pace may be leaving you physically and emotionally drained.

Have you noticed that self-care is the first ting to go when you get busy?

You may be considering it optional, something that you can make up on the weekends, or sometime in the future.

When I ask my clients about what is going on in their lives, they usually say that they barely have any time to do what they’d like to do let alone make time for fun.

But you can’t pour from an empty cup – take care of yourself first.

Most of us have been conditioned to take better care of others than we do ourselves.

When your life gets busy, it’s all too easy to cross yourself off your priority list entirely.

So why is it important to practice self-care?

Self-care isn’t just important, it’s crucial.

When you nurture your body and spirit you replenish your cup with energy, enthusiasm and motivation to go on, maintaining your good health and your vibrant life!

“I have to believe that caring for my self is not self indulgent.

Caring for myself is an act of survival” Audre Lorde

11 reasons to practice self-care, especially when you are busy.

 1. It can help you avoid emotional eating

Research shows that certain cravings are commonly linked to specific emotional states and lack of self-care

When you address your needs and feelings (emotional self-care) you will reduce your emotional eating urges and cravings because you will feel better about your self and have more energy.

2.Self-care prevents “burnout”

If you practice self-care it will help you reduce overwhelm and prevent mental, physical, and emotional burnout.

3. Self-care helps you deal with stress better

Daily stresses melt away and you are more productive – all you need is a little time to meet your own needs. You will less likely stress eat when you practice self-care.

4. Self-care helps you to refocus

Taking frequent breaks from your daily schedule and doing things for you will help you to have better focus

  • Your will perform better
  • You will be more enthusiastic to do your chores

5. Self-care “refills your cup”

When you are well cared for, you will show up more alert, alive and feel energized and purposeful.

This has a flow on effect in to all other areas of your life

  • Your relationships will improve
  • You will be in charge of your time

6.Self-care takes care of your health.

When you practice self-care, you are addressing your needs you will be less likely to need food or alcohol to improve your feelings.

  • This means making better food choices
  • Wanting to move your body

7.Self-care creates relaxation and calm

When you are relaxed and calm you will also feel anchored and grounded.

 This encourages your ability to view your life and certain situations with a fresh prospective.

It gives you the ability to respond intentionally instead of mindlessly.

8. Self-care helps you make better decisions and choices

When you take better care of yourself..

  • You will have a clear mind
  • And be less likely to look for “escape” rewards because you feel satisfied.

9. Self-care restores, renews and refreshes your mind

When you feel this way your enthusiasm ramps up as well as your ability to feel positive about challenging situations.

  • You feel better about yourself, because you are making better decisions and your self-esteem increases.
  • Feeling this way means you are not looking for food to make you feel better

10.Self-care feeds your heart and soul

You will feel nourished and your heart will be filled with love.

 You will feel more satisfied and happier – and it feels great!

11.Self-care means you are carving out time for yourself

Having clear time to practice self-care will result in:

  • Strengthening your confidence and self-worth
  • Having a positive outlook on life
  • Having piece of mind because you are giving to yourself.

When you take good care of your needs, give freely to yourself and your body and mind are nourished, you will blossom like a beautiful flower and will always show up as the best version of yourself.

If the weight of your daily stress and overwhelm is feeling heavy and causing you to make decisions that are not aligned with your values,

It may be a sign that you need nourishment and not food!

Create the time to practice some soothing, heart-warming activities.

Take the time to go outside and spend time in nature, reflect on your feelings and enjoy something that makes your heart sing.

You will come back to the world in a much better shape both physically and mentally and much more ready to live your life.

Take good care of you because investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.

Now over to you…

How can you start your self-care practice and invest in yourself so that you can feel fulfilled?

Irena Geller

Irena Geller

Emotional Eating Coach

BSc (Biomed), Cert IV (PT), Health and Wellness Coach (L3)

I coach women who want to put down their fork and pick up their life.  If you want to end your struggles with excess weight, stress and self-belief, using your strengths and capabilities, book a free 15-minute mini-coaching session with me and I’ll show you how to transform your life.

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