Healthy Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

Christmas is a hard enough for people trying to eat healthily and/or lose weight, let alone the inevitable gifts of wine, chocolate, dried fruit and shortbread. Are you stuck for healthy gift ideas, and want to give something unique and thoughtful to a friend, colleague or family member?

Here are a few handy, healthy gift ideas to help you choose a present that they will love and appreciate.

  1. A gift of beauty

Healthy gift ideas | Downsize Me

Maha Rafidi of BV beauty is offering some amazing Pamper Gift Boxes for Christmas with every gift voucher purchased.

You can see the range here and contact Maha on 0405 213 720 to order.

  1. A gift of humanity

You can buy a goat, not just because they make people smile, but because you will be helping a person living in Mozambique to boost their community and economy. Check out the goat gift, here.

  1. A gift of style

When you get a unique piece of jewellery as a gift, you know that there’s been thought put into the choosing of the gift. The Beaded Warrior has a gorgeous selection of bright, fun and affordable pieces that are as unique as your friend.

  1. A gift of mindfulness and serenity

Healthy gift ideas | Downsize Me

Laiyee Fernandez has studied mindfulness, meditation and qi gong for many years, with some of the world’s great teachers. Her mindfulness meditation CD will help to bring you rest, peace and physical comfort. Click here for more info.

  1. A practical gift

An Australian Christmas tea towel is a handy gift! Made from 100% cotton, you can use this to wrap a present or it can be the present itself. Check out this one from My Wooden Heart.

  1. A gift of the earth

Healthy Gift Ideas | Downsize Me
Does your friend love gardening? This gorgeous kit from the Goods Tube is perfect for the friend who loves to get her hands dirty. Check it out, here.

  1. For the love of dogs

So your friend has a fur-baby? I bet she’d love to pamper him. I love this pet hamper with treats, it’s super cute and can be personalised to suit the pooch.

  1. A gift of family

Healthy Gift Ideas | Downsize Me

People with kids often get busy with digital photos …. But photos don’t always tell the story. This journal is a super-fun idea for your friend who has children and wants to capture all the cute things they say – if only to bring them up at their 21st birthday!

  1. A gift for thousands of healthy lunches

Keeping soups or lunches hot is a challenge in winter. A Food flask from Thermos is a great gift for those who like to take their own lunch and keep it hot.

  1. A gift for the environment

Healthy Gift Ideas | Downsize Me

I was recently introduced to Andrew, Creative Designer at Eco SouLife products, who make an amazingly big range of durable, environmentally-conscious products. I love this picnic set as a fun gift idea for the friend who loves camping or simply eating dinner outdoors.

Got any more gift ideas?

Let us know your faves in the comments below!

Melanie White

Melanie White

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