Can you believe it’s only two and a bit weeks until Christmas? You’re probably thinking of all you have to do, and wondering how you’ll cope. That’s why I’ve developed 2 steps to getting through the party season – so you can actually do it this year!

The word ‘health’ covers so many things. And aside from food and alcohol, there’s also stress.

And let’s face it, stress is a HUGE trigger for unhealthy eating and drinking.

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious means you start worrying, not sleeping, drinking more alcohol than usual, and reaching for starchy, sugary, fatty (and crunchy) foods.

Let’s look at the 3 steps that will reduce your stress levels and help make sure you’re getting through the party season healthy.


1. Plan Your Commitments Each Week – Realistically

At this time of year, all sorts of stuff will crop up in addition to your normal routine.

So, Step 1 is to make a plan of what you will and won’t (or can and can’t) commit to – and perhaps use your experience of previous years as a guide to what has worked before.

For example, create a simple sheet for each week of December, as a visual reminder of how and where you need to spend and restore your energy to achieve balance.

Key points:

  • set aside 10 minutes on a Sunday to plan the week ahead
  • decide how much time you can realistically commit to each square, each week (in hours/days) – I suggest a maximum of three things for each square
  • write down WHAT you do in each square, and specifically WHEN you will do it
  • schedule it in your diary or calendar app.


Getting Through the Party Season | Downsize Me

2. Think Carefully Before You Commit

In the heat of the moment, when you’re busy or feeling pumped up, it’s easy to say yes to things and mean it. But later on, you feel overwhelmed because you realise you already have too much to do.

The best way to manage that is to think carefully before you commit.

Even better, keep your weekly plans handy and consult them. See how much time and energy you have left to commit to additional things.

That way, it’s easier to say no (because you can see existing commitments) without feeling bad.

You can always rain-check, or say you will drop in after another event if you have time and energy.

3. Juice Things Up

A daily green juice can help you stay on top of your game. Green juices (with minimal fruit) fill you with powerful antioxidants and support liver detoxification and better digestion.

Dark leafy vegetables are best as they are most nutrient rich, but other great inclusions are lemon, celery, cucumber and herbs.

You can buy these, or make your own batch every few days (it takes just a few minutes with a good juicer).


Getting Through the Party Season

As you can see, a little bit of well-thought planning is easy and takes very little time, but can save you the feeling of overwhelm, procrastination and exhaustion that comes from over-committing at an already-busy time of year.

Managing your time better means lower stress and feeling more in control. And THAT means less chance of giving in to too much sugar, alcohol, carbs and fatty foods.

And a few extra greens thrown in will lower the oxidative damage in your body that stress, alcohol and too much food invariably cause.

Melanie White

Melanie White

Chief Inspiration Coach

I'm a quirky scientist and a Health and Wellness Coach who helps 35+ women to understand and eat right for their body type.