Your year has started out strong, and you’re feeling relaxed, calm and energized. But life is already getting busy and your healthy habits are starting to slip. A little bit of chocolate here, an extra glass of wine there.

You know you’re on the trail to falling off the wagon and feeling guilty about it….and then just feeling sluggish, tired, and flabby.  

BUT this year is different. You want to nip things in the bud this time and take back control, and learn how to create and keep a strong, healthy body….and mindset. You know that unless you work on creating a strong, positive mindset…nothing will change.

The fact that you’re here means that you’re ready to do just that. 

This is your chance to take control and create a strong, healthy mind and body.



Downsize Me’s 3-phase eating plan corrects hormonal imbalances up front, to rid you of cravings, bloating and fatty liver.

With a cleaner body, you’ll learn about your unique body type and how to listen to it and fuel it, so you can rewrite your food rules and enjoy guilt-free, energizing eating habits that work for you.


Mindset | Downsize Me

Healthy eating habits are effective – as long as you can stick to them fairly consistently, despite the change in season or the stress you’re under.

That’s why we help you build a strong mindset – so you can release your limiting beliefs around food and yourself, set clear boundaries, and be reasonable with yourself.


It’s one thing to unlearn and rewire the bad nutritional habits you’ve become an expert in over the past 30-odd years.

It’s another thing to become an expert in consistency. We help you sort out the structures, strategies, organisation and planning you need to do just that. 



Book your health clearance so we can be sure you’re safe! Then, choose the coach you want to work with.

You’ll receive your welcome pack, book your 1st personal coaching session and join our supportive online community to build your motivation and momentum to get started. 

Start with the videos in our online portal, and download your meal plans, shopping list and getting started videos.

This week, you’ll remove “toxins” and replacing them with whole foods. You’ll remove trip hazards and temptations, so you feel fully prepared to get started with healthy cooking and eating. Your coach will help you start creating a your positive mindset – looking at your values, and what’s really important to you. 

Week 2 introduces self-awareness and mindfulness.

You’ll start to rewire your automatic, unhelpful habits for more intentional, mindful and self-supporting habits. Your coaching session helps you hone in on this as you discuss your personal strengths and the habits that are essential for your long term consistency. 

By now, you’ll be Resetting the hormones insulin, cortisol and leptin, for a cleaner, more functional liver.

This means more energy, less visceral fat and goodbye to cravings and bloating (if you haven’t already). Your coach will help you look at and understand your current thinking patterns and beliefs about food, your body and yourself.

You’ll really notice a shift this week as you unlock and Release deep visceral fat. This is the time where people typically shift to a more efficient use of dietary fuels.  

It’s also time to work with your coach to release any unhelpful self-talk and the lack of boundaries you might have had around food or your own needs. It’s time to get powerful.

A busy life usually means overcommitting to everyone else, and undercommitting to yourself, and that’s where most people come unstuck.  In these two weeks, with a cleaner body and mind, you will Relearn how to listen and respond to your own needs.

Your coach will help you examine the limiting beliefs and self-talk that derailed you in the past, and help you align your internal compass for some new, more authentic guidelines for life.

Learning and changing is even more powerful when you can take away and apply what’s been most useful and relevant to you.

In these two weeks, we’ll take you through a process to Retain the best of what you have learned. You’ll develop a personalised wellness blueprint that captures this key information, so you can stay healthy, motivated and on track for the long term.

blog10-jpg-1920x750HOW DOWNSIZE ME WORKS & WHY
Anyone can give you a diet plan for weight loss, but that diet isn’t a long term solution. Why?

1. Because you are as unique on the inside as you are on the outside, so an ‘out-of-the-box’ plan will give you mixed results, at best.

2. Your mind dictates your actions and habits. Long term success means you can set clear boundaries, get rid of limiting beliefs and be self-confident and clear about your decisions.

Downsize Me works because we use a science-based approach to:

1. Balance the hormones that disrupt metabolism (most ‘diets’ don’t do this)

2. Show you how to eat for your unique body type, and

3. Help you create a powerful mindset and get organised so that you can develop a powerful, confident and focused mindset.

Our program is based on principles of metabolic nutrition, coaching psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, Ayurveda, & nutritional biochemistry.

Over 650 people have completed our program, and every one of those has lost weight.

It’s very clear that, while our eating plan is 100% effective, we know it’s actually our focus on positive psychology, habit change, structure, support & accountability that is essential for long term change. These are the core elements of our coaching program.

Most importantly, our qualified coaches won’t tell you what to do…but they will empower you to take charge.

We realise we can’t tell you what to do, because you won’t do it. What we can do, is use special coaching techniques to get you taking responsibility for change – on your terms, in your time frame.

This means you learn to tap into what YOU want and why, so you can maintain your new habits on your own. Even so, we’ll be there all the while to give you constant support, so you can avoid lapsing into old habits.


Downsize Me is a science-based healthy eating plan & coaching program for those who want results and long-term healthy eating habits. It includes a hormone balancing food plan designed to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, and a coaching program to help you stay on track and maintain healthy hormones and a healthy weight.

Our clients typically report:

• increased energy

• lower inflammation and pain

• lower visceral (deep belly) fat and waist circumference (3-15cm)

• lower weight (a loss of 3 – 15 kg)

• lower insulin, leptin and cortisol levels

• lower blood pressure, cholesterol

• clearer, softer skin with not breakouts

• reduction or the complete disappearance of bloating

• disappearance of cravings.


100% of our clients have lost weight on this program, and we are absolutely confident that you will too.blog2

That’s why we are happy to offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you follow our program and don’t lose any weight.

After all, we’re in the business of real results, toward our mission:

“To build a tribe of women who are inspired to be happy and healthy for life.”



“I have successfully faced a number of challenges in my life, from facing an male African buffalo to raising a deaf child. How hard could it be to lose 10 unwanted kilos on my own? I thought I knew all there was to know about healthy eating, but nothing I did, worked. The Downsize Me program was insightful and life-changing. I have learned new skills and permanent problem-solving strategies around food and lifestyle. I am amazed at what I’ve been able to achieve with the right kind of help. Thanks so much for your wonderful program!”


~Ashley, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

How well has this program worked for others?

Over 650 people have completed this program and their typical results within the 8 weeks are:

  • They lost an average of 8cm from their waist (range: 5 – 15cm)
  • They lost an average of 7cm from their hips (range: 5 – 18cm)
  • They lost an average of 8kg (range: 4 – 15kg)

Some of our clients are immobile, or very sedentary, but they still managed to lose upward of 8kg on the Downsize Me Program.

We have some clients who continued to lose weight in the subsequent months – up to 44kg in one case.

The fact is, everybody that completes this program loses weight and feels great.

How quickly will I start to experience fat loss?

About 90% of our clients see significant reductions in their weight within the first week.

Body fat – particularly belly fat – seems to decrease most significantly in the first four

Is this program founded in actual science?

Yes. Downsize Me is built on evidence-based studies from nutritional science, metabolic
science, positive psychology and coaching psychology.

I’ve failed before – how will this program will help me lose weight and keep it off for the long term?

Of course, our science-based eating plan targets the dangerous visceral fat around your liver, so you quickly see a reduction in your waist circumference in the first week, and beyond.

But we also know that long term success relies on you changing your daily habits.

That’s why we help you work on your mindset (motivation and emotions) and structure (planning and scheduling), so that you can

  • Control your cravings
  • Learn to say no
  • Set boundaries
  • Make lasting improvements to bad habits
  • Manage lapses

By tuning up your body first, to boost energy and eliminate those annoying cravings, we have removed a big part of the problem.

By learning to tune out all those environmental and emotional triggers, you can take control of your impulses to eat.

By tuning in to your body’s natural signals, you can easily learn to eat in a way that gives you energy, vitality and youthfulness, mental focus and a fantastic physique.

I find low-carb programs to be very restrictive – how is this different?

It’s so true, and the fact is, your body actually needs carbohydrates for brain function and to fuel your muscles.

There are three ways that the Downsize Me program is different:

  1. You’ll use our short term eating plan to aggressively targets visceral (deep belly) fat, improves liver function, and balances the hormones that regulate fat storage. This is the #1 key to fuelling your metabolic fire.
  2. In weeks 7 and 8, you’ll learn to eat without guilt, and develop your own realistic, sustainable long term personal eating blueprint that is unique to your body.
  3. You will master the motivational, emotional and organisational challenges for healthy eating, so that you embed your new habits, fit them into each week and keep doing them for life. After all, you are the sum of your habits.
I don’t like to cook that much, how easy are the meals to prepare?

Our eating plan was designed to be flexible, so it suits everyone from the ‘busy, I hate cooking’ person to the full-blown foodie.

Downsize Me’s program-specific recipe book and meal plan gives you a range of simple recipes that use fresh vegetables, lean meats and fruits, nuts and seeds. Many people say how surprisingly simple, quick and easy – and tasty – the recipes are.

Of course, if you prefer to ‘do it your way’ and cook your own meals, you can use our list of allowable foods and our basic meal guidelines, and away you go.

Of course, you can follow our meal plan to the letter, or change the meals around to suit your planning and lifestyle.

No matter how you do it, every meal will balance out your blood sugar, avoid cravings and get your body into fat burning mode.

Do I have to exercise during the program?

Not at all. We have had wheelchair-bound clients lose over 8kg on our program, so we know that food is at least 80% of the weight loss equation.

It’s important to focus on eating, planning and emotions first.

But of course, exercise helps you in many ways, so we do recommend walking or other activities if you are able.

Will the Downsize Me program work if I have a health condition?

Yes, and in fact, it’s actually designed to restore healthy insulin, leptin and cortisol levels, and lower blood pressure.

These are all key causes of today’s major health conditions including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and underactive thyroid.

In fact, some of our clients with chronic health issues have reported these results:

  • Doctors taking them off their blood pressure medication
  • Doctors recording their lower blood sugar levels, from pre-diabetic down to the
    normal range
  • Cocomplete appearance of a full back rash that had puzzled dermatologists and
    endocrinologists for years
  • Reduction in symptoms of PCOS
  • Complete disappearance of fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Complete disappearance of reflux and heartburn
  • Reduction or disappearance of joint pain.
Can I do this program if I am pregnant, or trying to become pregnant?

We believe it is safe, but of course, we strongly recommend you check with your doctor.

Do you offer a refund?

If you follow our program and don’t lose any weight, we will refund 100% of your money.