Bengal Spice Tea.

Ahhhh. I actually need to talk about Bengal Spice Tea in big font, because I love it so much.

Why am I drinking this stuff, and raving about it?

Well, as a stress-driven coffee lover, I can find myself drinking too much coffee and then racing around like an anxious maniac all day, saying things like

I must do this! and


I must finish that! and


I HAVE to get that done too!

Not so cool to be unnecessarily manic. Coffee can do that to me. So of course, I’m always on the lookout for a replacement.

BUT as any coffee drinker knows, a watery cup of bland tea doesn’t quite match that creamy goodness of a fluffy SCHRAAAH (that’s the noise the machine makes).

Hello, Bengal Spice Tea.

One day at my massage place, I thank the lovely Liz Thomas for this fabulous tea she gives me each time I go there. Then the light bulb goes on – why don’t I ASK LIZ where she gets the tea from?

Name The Flavour

This tea conjures up that spicy mystique of ancient lands, that warming, soothing feeling that you need in winter and, at the end of each sip there is an almost elusive sweetness that almost hits your tongue – but not quite – and you can’t quite place the flavour.




It remains a delicious mystery. And yes, those are some of the ingredients of Bengal Spice Tea.

There is something inherently satisfying and soothing about this tea, that even coffee doesn’t offer. I think it’s the warming and soothing aspect that I love the most.

Just to be clear, nobody is paying me anything to say this or giving me any commission, but I sure love that Bengal Spice Tea, anyway.

Vital Statistics

Brand? Celestial.

Where? Larger Coles and Woolworths shops in the tea aisle, and some health food shops.

Why? Because you will love this satisfying, spicy goodness.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars  

Can you solve the mystery of the sweet flavour in this tea? Comment below and let me what you think it is.

Melanie White

Melanie White

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