So you fell of the wagon, gained weight around Xmas and the silly season, then in January all the catch ups that could not be fitted in during December, then you got back into busy work in February, and now it’s March and your waistline or scale is telling you UGH! Its high time to get back on track with healthy eating!

Does this sound familiar?

Although you tried to be on track with your eating most of the time over the holidays, somehow you just let yourself go.

One occasion became two and a little more and soon your clothes were telling you that you have overindulged.

Or did you just get bored, or join in on all the fun with good food and drinks?

Whatever the case, you probably want to do SOMETHING before things go any further.

You know the issue is not just what you see on the scale.

It is the way your clothes fit, your joints and general feeling of not being so fit and energetic like you used to be when you had healthier eating habits.

How do you get back on track with healthy eating?

One thing I know is this – it’s no use beating yourself up about it.

That just creates stress!

And as you know, stress elevates your cortisol which will make you gain weight around the middle.

Just think: the weight came back slowly.

That means your best approach to get back on track with healthy eating needs to be consistent and something you can sustain.

In other words – have mercy and patience with yourself.

Here’s a quick solution to get you started.

Sit down for half an hour and work through this simple checklist.

A 5-step plan to help you get back on track with healthy eating

  1. Have a vision and a sense of determination that you can do this. After all, you did it before and it worked!
  2. Set a regular day for weekly planning and organizing. This means shopping, cooking, freezing and building up courage to bring your food along to gatherings and parties for a while.
  3. Find 3 – 6 trusted low-carb recipes and notes that you compiled while on the Downsize Me Program. Read through them again to find your motivation to get organised.
  4. Find a friend that would get back on track with you, so you motivate each other.
  5. Meditate on your vision. Revise your cornerstone habits and define the key weekly actions that will create the healthier, slimmer body you want.

Remember one very important point: this is not about going on a diet.

Diet has become a dirty word, but it’s true meaning is simply the way way that you eat.

Finding a healthy diet that suits you is a promise for a healthier, longer life. In a way, and an anti-ageing approach to life.

Getting back on track – how to make it happen

Why is a lifelong approach to healthy eating so important?

Well, if you’ve been on the Downsize Me Program, you’ll know that a combination of eating habits can help you lose weight, but it’s an individualised approach that ensures you keep it off.

I want to briefly explain what we do in this program, so you can see what you need to do to get back on track with healthy eating and stay there.

Losing weight

To help you lose weight initially, we incorporate low carb eating.

To a certain extent, it also follows a low FODMAP approach, and, it includes intermittent fasting which has been proven as an anti-ageing strategy – and very good for your brain.

The structure of this program helps you back on track with healthy eating, and over the hump of losing the few kilos you’ve gained.

That’s pretty much like the 5-step plan I mentioned above.

When you’ve lost those few annoying kilos – then what?

Keeping it off

To stay on track, you also need to understand your body, your mind and your life, so you know how to be consistent and STAY back on track with healthy eating.

What we do is help you understand your body type and how you can eat to support your individual metabolism.

Then, we we help you design an approach to eating that’s enjoyable, feels right for your body type and fits with your lifestyle.

THAT means sustainable healthy eating for life.

Many of our clients report improvements after only a few weeks, like reduced joint pain, more energy, greater focus and better clarity of thought.

When it comes to understanding your mind and life, it’s essential that you know the triggers that throw you off track in the first place.

After losing excess weight initially, you need to identify these triggers and change your thinking and behaviour so they no longer trip you up.

Wrapping it Up

Remember, eating well is not just about your looks and your waistline.

It is about creating your best physical and mental health, for which YOU and only YOU are responsible.

And most importantly, if you sit down and make a plan now, you can totally regain control of your eating, thinking and waistline.

Let me know how you go in the comments!

Pia Lehmann

Pia Lehmann

Homeopath | Health and Wellness Coach

Pia is a qualified Homeopath, Nutritionist and Coach who helps women heal their whole body and mind.

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