Got a plateau? It’s a thing. There are weight plateau busters…and then there are effective weight plateau busters.

Let’s explore them.

Why Plateaus Happen

In case you didn’t know, your body is a highly-tuned machine that quickly adapts to any changes you make to your eating and exercise. 

That can be a source of frustration for you if you are feeling great, but suddenly hit a brick-wall plateau. 

You see, your body is biologically designed to adapt and survive – in fact it is highly adaptable.

Within 3 – 6 weeks of starting a new eating or exercise plan, your body figures out what’s going on and gets in tune, because your body loves stability (equilibrium, homeostasis).  

That means the changes and benefits you’ve seen in that 3 – 6 week period might slow down as you reach the 6-week mark.

You might even reach a plateau – and then what?

If you have seen no changes for 3 weeks (aka the plateau), the best thing to do is to shake things up and shock your body into action by doing something different for a short period.

That’s where these 5 effective weight plateau busters come in.

5 Effective Weight Plateau Busters

#1 Plateau Buster – Change the timing of your biggest meal

Effective Weight Plateau Busters | Downsize Me

If you’re like most people, then one of your three main meals is bigger than the rest.

Your preference for bigger meals tends to vary by body type (according to Metabolic Typing principles). For example, pear-shaped women typically tend to eat their biggest meal at dinner. Your body gets used to this eating pattern pretty quickly.

Shock your body by switching the timing of your biggest meal to another time of day, just for 7 – 14 days.  


#2 Plateau Buster – Do a short burst of intense, pre-breakfast exercise

After fasting all night, your body is ready for calories.

You’re already depleted of fuel….so doing some intense exercise before breakfast puts you into a fat burning state and has the added benefit of revving up your metabolism for the day. This is a really effective weight plateau buster.

Shock your body by adding in something to suit your fitness level – either 10 x 30 m hill sprints, HIIT boxing, some fast walking or cycling intervals, or climb some stairs. 

If you’re unfit or unable, just walking on the flat will be a good start. You can actually do this as a regular practice!


#3 Plateau Buster – Mix up your cuisine

Effective Weight Plateau Busters | Downsize Me

Pretend you are living in another country and eat the traditional cuisine. Obviously this excludes processed western-style junk food!

Shock your body – look at the traditional meals of China, Japan, Mexico or Spain – or go vegetarian – for 7 – 14 days.


#4 Plateau Buster – Cut out snacks

This tip is incredibly simple and effective. Most people actually don’t need to snack if you are eating three good meals per day.

Unless you are burning a LOT of calories with physical activity, or have a serious metabolic issue, snacking means unnecessary calories. And it’s pretty common for people to plug the first sign of hunger with a bite to eat.

Shock your body by simply eating three good, complete meals each day. Get in tune with your natural, healthy hunger signals and learn to look forward to your next meal. You can do this safely as a regular practice!


#5 Plateau Buster – Minimise sugar, bread, pasta, rice, very sweet fruits & alcohol

Effective Weight Plateau Busters | Downsize Me

Going low carb for 7 – 14 days can be a super effective weight plateau buster.

Why? Because it will force your body to get out of it’s convenient habit of accessing carbs for fuel.  If there aren’t many starchy carbs around to burn, your body will be forced to find an alternative fuel source.  

NOTE: You will need to replace the missing calories with more vegetables, legumes, eggs, seafood and chicken to ensure you get enough calories, otherwise your weight plateau might continue.

Shock your body by forcing it to burn fat will definitely get your body working harder and shifting those excess kilos.

Try this for 7 – 14 days – it is something that may suit you for the long term, depending on your body type.


Summing it Up

As you’ll notice, three of these are temporary solutions to the longer-term challenge of losing weight and keeping it off. You can definitely use these effective weight plateau busters for 7 – 14 days at a time, then go back to your regular healthy eating routine.

Let me know how you go in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

If these tricks DON’T work, you may have a hormonal issue (stress hormones, blood sugar, hunger hormones) that needs addressing FIRST.

If life, busyness and stress are stopping you from sticking to these changes, then your mindset and habits probably need addressing FIRST.

If you want to get to the bottom of either of these, you might like to book a 15- minute chat with me. Click the button below and leave me your details, so I can get in touch with you!


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