In March 2014, Janet Hamer was spending most of her day sitting as she could only stand or walk briefly before being crippled by pain. One day, she made a decision that would change everything.

Now, 18 months on, Janet shares the 3 biggest lessons that helped her to lose 25kg in 6 months.

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Lesson #1: Find A Big Motivator for Change

In March 2014, I had the realization that my chronic health conditions had overtaken my life. My lack of mobility and intensity of pain were overwhelming, and I could only see more weight gain.

Along with that came the thought of SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO LOOK AFTER ME – an overweight and immobile person. EEKS!

Being an ex-nurse, I believe this thought was a major contribution to my need to change, and it was my biggest motivator to do something NOW.

The announcement of an addition of our first grandchild got the cogs working overtime. The reality of staying how I was would make participation in regular “granny” duties impossible. In all likelihood, if nothing changed, I would be missing out on one of the most amazing parts of life.

These two things spurred me to take action.

This reasoning prompted me to make an appointment with the gastric surgeon for gastric sleeving. I wasn’t sure it was the right thing.

A friend suggested Downsize Me, so with great scepticism, I took a step and made the call to Melanie White, Co-Founder and Inspiration Coach.

Melanie: Janet had an initial meeting with me to find out about Downsize Me, and whether we could help her. She told me she was considering gastric sleeving but wanted to try to lose some weight with healthy eating first, then decide in a few weeks.

I remember her asking whether I thought she should cancel that gastric surgeon’s appointment or not. She looked unsure, dubious. At that stage, I realised how important it was that Janet was in charge of her own decisions.

I said, “Well Janet, that’s up to you. If you think you can do this program, what about seeing how you feel in a few weeks, and decide then?”

By Week 3 of the program, I was feeling great.

I cancelled the doctor’s appointment. I felt that I had to make a total commitment to a healthy lifestyle change, and not have the “fall-back surgery” in my headspace as an option.

Lesson #2: Commit to Changing Your Headspace

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Starting Downsize Me, I actually did not feel overwhelmed.

I believed this was something I HAD TO DO to reclaim my health and my life. I felt positive I could do this.

The biggest change was within my own headspace, allowing myself to believe in myself.

My own self-doubt had held me back in the past, believing the large task ahead of me was insurmountable.

The mentality of “I have too much pain, I cannot move”. also held me back along with my ignorance of how the type of food I ate could change my life.

How did I know I could do it?

I am a very determined person and knew I would need every part of my mind soul and spirit to apply myself to the task, along with encouragement from family and friends.

The coaching sessions (not my forte) really challenged me to take ownership and responsibility for myself.

These sessions were invaluable and I believe the key and empowerment to my success.


Melanie: Janet was so committed to change. Within a few weeks she was walking around town using a walking stick – no sign of the walker anywhere. And better still, she’d started walking on her treadmill. Just two minutes per day, then four, then five, then six, then eight, then ten.

A few weeks later, Janet came in beaming, saying she was up to 30 minutes per day and was starting to introduce inclines. I couldn’t believe her persistence – but I think there was a lot of singing involved!

A few weeks later, Janet came in beaming, saying she was up to 30 minutes per day and was starting to introduce inclines. I couldn’t believe her persistence – but I think there was a lot of singing involved!

Lesson #3 – Focus on the Positives – and Plan

Within the first 3 weeks, the changes in my pain levels and mobility were remarkable, BEFORE I had even lost the weight. The power of healthy eating become really obvious to me and showed me how it was possible to lose 25kg in 6 months.

These changes really motivated me and made me realise that the only way was forward.

I truly did not find the program “hard” as the benefits I was experiencing were huges. I could move more, I had less pain.

One step at a time.

Planning was my biggest friend and a major key to aid my success. What meals tomorrow? What food do I need to buy?

Being prepared made the cooking and healthy eating in the Downsize Me program much easier.

Then, Lose 25kg in 6 months – and Gain Health   

Melanie: Janet’s measurements showed big shifts during the 8-week program, and even bigger shifts at the six months to March 2015. She had:

  • lost 25.7kg, with 28kg of body fat lost and 2kg of lean mass (muscle and bone) gained
  • reduced her waist circumference by 18cm and her hip circumference by 19cm
  • lowered her body fat % from 53%, to within the healthy range – 36%
  • lowered her visceral fat score from 18, to 10 (now within the healthy range).

And Janet’s body was younger!

In October 2014, Janet’s chronological age was 56, but her metabolic age was 71! No wonder she felt so sore and tired.

By March 2015, Janet’s metabolic age was down to 56 – that’s 15 years younger.

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Inside, my gut, my bloating and nausea were gone. I had much less pain around my joints, and less back pain.

Inside my mind, my confidence soared and this then showed on the outside, grinning and radiant.

THEN the physical changes in my size began with looser clothes, then smaller sizes, bringing an elated feeling with the success which, in turn, fuelled the confidence and fed the motivation, creating the “Downsized Me“.


Changes Inside and Out  – How My Life is Different Now    

Melanie: Janet and I are still in touch on Facebook, or if she wants to catch up in person for a ‘check-in’.

I love seeing her Facebook posts where she describes trekking up and down hills pushing a pram, and getting down onto the grass with her grand-daughter – then back up again! She is such an inspiration and role model for so many people. Her story shows you the 3 biggest keys for how to lose 25kg in 6 months – and keep it off.

18 Months Later - Changes Inside and Out Eighteen months on, life is radically different in every aspect.

My medication is reduced, no heavy duty regular pain killers, no diabetic meds.

I can park anywhere, to get where I am going.

NO disability sticker needed.

I can shower without a shower chair.

I can put my socks on.

I can put my undies on.

My scooter has retired.

The granny walker has retired.

BUT this granny is walking, pushing the pram.

This granny is alive.

I am living.

I am proud of what I have achieved.  I have more energy and confidence to do the things I want to do.

I am so happy I can do the simple things in life, able to walk , cook, dress etc. without the debilitating pain.

The future holds so many more opportunities, continuing better health and mobilisation provides a freedom I never thought possible.

The wide world is now within reach for this “Janma”.