10 quick, nutrient-rich smoothie recipes!

These 10 EFFORTLESS recipes will balance your blood sugar and keep you going until lunchtime.

  • 10 delicious, satisfying recipes
  • 100% antioxidant-rich smoothies
  • Quick and easy breakfast on-the-go
  • Healthy, protein-rich options
  • Feels like a naughty treat
  • All you need is a blender!

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The most common question our clients ask is - "what can I eat for breakfast, that's quick, healthy AND satisfying?"

Your life is busy, and you're often eating on the run or missing breakfast all together.

But as you know, breakfast sets you up for an energized, focused day. To achieve that your PERFECT breakfast must meet specific requirements:

  1. Healthy carbs to fuel your brain for focus and clarity.

  2. Healthy protein to balance blood sugar, release fat stores and kill hunger and cravings.

  3. Healthy fats to help build hormones and boost weight loss.

  4. Fibre for a healthy gut, dewy skin and to kill your hunger.

  5. Hydration to boost your energy and digestive function.

That's a lot to get right - but the recipe can be SIMPLE.

Here's your guide to 10 delicious, nutrient-rich smoothies that you can whip up in an instant and still make it to work on time.

Say goodbye to hectic mornings!

Melanie White Melanie White