Downsize Me

A Practical Healthy Eating System for Smart Women.

Some call it losing weight. We call it taking charge. 

We are living in a supersized era.

We stress too much, eat too much, worry too much, it’s just… too much.

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Rewire your thinking. Redefine your life.

The Downsize Me program will help you see things differently. You’re unique, so a personal approach (backed by hard science) can get you back on the wagon.

Become determined, motivated and inspired.

Put logic before emotion for a minute.

Take charge of your eating, your body and your life, so you can be the best version of yourself. Planning makes healthier eating effortless.

Eat right.

Think right.

Do right.

Live right.

Reset Your Metabolism

Say goodbye to hunger, cravings, stress eating and overeating – once and for all

Reprogram Your Mind

Get organised, empower yourself and take charge of your body and life.

Automate Your Life

Master your thinking and rewire your habits – put your healthy eating habits on autopilot.


“When I started Downsize Me, I felt stuck and hopeless. The transformation in body and mind I achieved in just 8 weeks was astounding and motivating. Now it feels like anything is possible. I have experienced a total shift and have set my negative self-image free. What I liked most was the weekly coaching and support, and the knowledge and understanding I have gained about how my mind and body work…and the results I got were exactly as Irena described.”

Miriam Feiler

“The Downsize Me program has been insightful and life changing for me: I have learned how interconnected all aspects of one’s life are with health.  I have learned that wellbeing extends beyond a healthy diet and exercise plan.  I have learned new skills and permanent problem-solving strategies around food and lifestyle.  I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve with the right kind of help.  Thank you so much for your wonderful program.”

Ashley Schep

“Downsize Me changed my life completely. I feel fantastic.…. I was attracted to Downsize Me for the balancing of hormones, mindful eating and living, and taking control of my habits…..My energy is back, I sleep better, my skin looks better and of course I’ve lost so much weight. I changed my way of looking at food.


Belle P

“Downsize Me was recommended to by a couple of friends who had terrific results.

Kristine encouraged and coached me to look at things differently. The three biggest benefits for me are feeling better in my own skin, losing weight and less pain in my joints.

The biggest changes for me have been inside my head, giving me the ability to take control of cravings and looking at food in a different way. The outside changes have been a bonus.

This program has made an enormous difference to me by making me aware of what I eat, how I look at food and how I talk to myself about food.

Kaye B