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You’re busy with work and life, but have noticed your waistline expanding with many hours sitting at the desk.

You’re worried that you’re not going to get it under control if you don’t do something about it – NOW!

It plays on your mind, but you’ve been pushing it to the side – until now. You know deep down that getting off the diet and weight roller coaster will help you think clearly, have better focus, feel more comfortable and ready to be more active in life.

Learn how to enjoy healthy food again by learning the eating habits that will give you real weight loss results that you can maintain for the long term.

That’s why I created Downsize Me, for YOU

Downsize Me is completely different to anything you have experienced before. Based on science, Downsize Me is a structured healthy eating plan and coaching program designed to give you real weight loss results and long term healthy eating habits that are both easy AND enjoyable to maintain.

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Meet Melanie

Melanie White is a Wellness and Food Coach who loves helping people to adapt and thrive. After 13 years in a stressful corporate role in Perth as a Biologist, she realised empowering people was far more enjoyable and meaningful.

She loves working with people from all walks of life and helping them to write a new health story with a happier ending. 

BSc (Biology; Honours); Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1; Accred. Cert. Nutr (Cadence); Cert IV (Personal Training); Wellness Coaching Australia Level 3; Wellcoaches USA

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